Pastoral Care & Outreach Department

The Pastoral Care & Outreach Department (POD) reaches out to the inmates in the Drug Rehabilitation Centres and Prisons. With a pool of dedicated volunteers, POD reaches out to brothers within prison walls through pastoral counselling and religious programmes. Besides Befriender and Aftercare Programme, POD also conducts Community Reintegration and Life Skills Programmes for those on Work Release Phase.
Periodically POD facilitates overseas outreach and training visits to other Teen Challenge Centres in Asia for new staff in the work of rehabilitation and recovery.

Teen Challenge Football Club

Teen Challenge Football Club (TCFC) is committed to encourage adults to stay away from smoking, drugs, crimes and gangs by participating in healthy sports. It also serves as a form of therapy for residents and it is a strategic form of outreach and integration with the community through sports activity.

Partnership with South West CDC

Teen Challenge partners with South West CDC in distributing grocery packs to needy families living in Clementi area. We thank South West CDC for these outreach opportunities to help those in need.